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POLLÁK ŠAĽA s.r.o. with its registered office in Šala is a Slovak family company that has specialized in the production of food-processing machinery and equipment of its own design through gradual development over 30 years. The history of the company began from 1990. At that time, it was engaged in project and design activities under the trade name Štefan Pollák, Šaľa – Mechanical Engineering projects, design and production. Since 1994, activities have been expanded to include the production of machinery and equipment for the fields of food processing and wood processing. After developing its own CNC laser cutting machine with CO2 technology, the company started in 1998 also to perform custom production of coarse sheet burnouts with high cutting quality. In order to increase its own production capacity and also to satisfy external requirements for laser cutting, in 2013 the company’s collection of machines was expanded with another CNC laser centre, this time with Fiber technology, which is exceptionally effective for cutting thinner sheets. Because of the dynamic development of the company, in 2016 the company was transformed into a limited liability company under the name POLLÁK ŠAĽA.

The development of the company was also accompanied by a continuous increase of employees to the current 90 employees and the creation of a separate division for “Laser cutting and bending”. 2019 brought new investments in expanding and improving the company’s laser cutting services. With the help of financial support under the Operational Programme, Research and Innovation, a new TruLaser 3030 laser cutting machine was purchased from TRUMPF. The laser centre has grown in 2022 with a new modern machine for cutting tubes, closed profiles and special profiles. With its state-of-the-art technology, the TRUMPF laser machine ensures high cutting quality, speed and accuracy when cutting. At present, the Laser cutting and bending department is able to provide comprehensive and quality services for sheet and tubes processing through significantly expanded production capacities and quality machinery, thereby flexibly adapting to the demanding requirements of the current market.

years of experience


Technical consultancy

Based on many years of experience, POLLÁK ŠAĽA s.r.o. provides professional and technical advice for the field of laser cutting and bending:

  • preparation of drawing documentation,
  • preparation of price calculation,
  • incorporation of required changes into existing documentation.
In addition to the expert aspect, the consultancy focuses on:

  • verification of stocks of metallurgical material,
  • ensuring the transport of finished sheet parts and cuttings,
  • provision of non-standard formats of laser cutting sheets.

Our many years of experience, technical facilities, expertise and individual approach to the customer are a guarantee of the provision of quality services and the satisfaction of our customers.


Because of the new laser centres with TRUMPF TruLaser Tube 3000, TRUMPF TruLaser 3030 and expanded production capacities, we offer our SPARE CAPACITY for cooperation for the following activities:
  • laser cutting of tubes
  • laser cutting of profiles
  • laser cutting of sheets
  • traditional and CNC machining
  • CNC bending of sheet parts
  • sandblasting (stainless steel, mild steel)
  • welding
  • shearing
  • straightening
  • measurement

Career and vacancies at POLLÁK ŠAĽA s.r.o.

If you are interested in working at POLLÁK ŠAĽA s.r.o. contact our Department of laser cutting and bending. More information about candidates personal data can be found HERE.

Department of laser cutting and bending
Diakovská 6245/9C
927 01 Šaľa

      Contact person:
      Melinda Polgárová
      Phone: +421 (0)31 770 7460
      Email: personalistika@pollaksala.sk

        Current job vacancies:
        • Operating a laser cutting machine
        • CNC metal worker
        • Locksmith
        • Welder TIG

        POLLÁK ŠAĽA s.r.o.

        Diakovská 6245/9C
        927 01 Šaľa
        EU – Slovakia


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